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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [5] [GUMP-PATCH] Make Tomcat 5 descriptor work (hopefully)
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 10:55:17 GMT
On 03 Sep 2002, Bob Herrmann <> wrote:

> ok, your changes to your changes have been checked in.

I've seen it, thanks - and you'll be getting your first nag mail
rather soon.

> TC5 knows about all it's dependencies (see the "download" target in
> TC5's build.xml),

So there is quite a bit to do, commons-daemon is not "Gumpified" so
far, what is/where do I find commons-launcher and so on.

> it would be nice if TC5's build.xml could be transformed into a
> module description.

It would probably be easier the other way around (generate the
download target from the dependency list in a descriptor of some

> When adding a new project to Gump, do you recommend building the
> gump universe to test things out?

Sam once wrote this mail to hint what would be the minimum for him:

The minimum IMHO should be to run the (or .bat if you are
unfortunate 8-) script with your modified profile if you want the new
project to be included with Jakarta's main Gump.  In the Tomcat 5 case
you would have gotten something like "Dropping project
jakarta-tomcat-5 as it depends on jakarta-site-5 which doesn't exist"
or similar.

> The gump universe has a lot of dependencies (ie.
> ) I have
> started downloading and installing them...

Well, yes.  But it's not Gump, it is the stuff it builds that needs
everything Sun has ever released 8-)

Try to strip down your personal profile to just those projects that
Tomcat-5 directly or indirectly depends upon (more than enough, I
guess) and stick to this.  Running a complete Gump build is going to
take a loooong time.

> to bad gump doesnt have a "download" target to fetch all the "/opt"
> things that it requires....

Most of them would require click-through licenses, some of them even
require you to register with Sun.


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