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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [4.1.10] Stability rating
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 14:22:21 GMT
Glenn Nielsen wrote:
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>> Glenn Nielsen wrote:
>>> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>>> I think milestone 4.1.10 is of good quality and we can consider 
>>>> releasing it as the first stable release in the 4.1.x line.
>>>> <ballot>
>>>> [ ] Alpha
>>>> [X] Beta
>>>> [ ] Stable
>>>> </ballot>
>>>> If not voting stable, please suggest if possible a list of items 
>>>> which should be addressed before a milestone can be released as stable.
>>>> This vote will run until early friday, and the release announcement 
>>>> will be made at that time if the release is rated "beta" or "stable".
>>> I think the admin web application still needs more work.
>>> The list of attributes which can be modified for a Host is incomplete.
>>> The swallowOutput attribute has not been added.
>>> I have not been able to get DefaultContext config info to display in 
>>> the admin webapp.
>> Damn, we forgot to add that there :-(
>> The admin webapp is not in my list of must-haves for a release (except 
>> when it indicates there's a regression in Jasper). There's also a 
>> problem with the number of people actually working on it (except Amy, 
>> I don't see anyone else), so it may take a while to polish it.
> Then there should be something in the docs and release notes which state 
> that
> the admin application is still considered alpha.
>> BTW, I don't see how adding support for your feature (swallowOutput) 
>> qualifies as a showstopper ;-) It could probably wait for the next 
>> milestone without affecting too many people IMHO.
> That alone doesn't, but all of the other issues with the admin app does
> unless we note that the admin app is at an alpha release.  Plus I found
> a number of places in the admin app code which states that things will
> be added later.
> My vote will change to [X] Stable if the admin app is considered alpha, 
> and documented as such.

Personally, I would say it's worthy of being called a "beta", but I 
agree to mention it as being "alpha" in the release notes to point out 
that there are still a few minor features missing.

For the next stable release, we should plan to have a complete version 
of the admin webapp (if support from developers is good enough, obviously).


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