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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: [4.1.10] Stability rating
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 14:08:28 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Glenn Nielsen wrote:
>> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>> I think milestone 4.1.10 is of good quality and we can consider 
>>> releasing it as the first stable release in the 4.1.x line.
>>> <ballot>
>>> [ ] Alpha
>>> [X] Beta
>>> [ ] Stable
>>> </ballot>
>>> If not voting stable, please suggest if possible a list of items 
>>> which should be addressed before a milestone can be released as stable.
>>> This vote will run until early friday, and the release announcement 
>>> will be made at that time if the release is rated "beta" or "stable".
>> I think the admin web application still needs more work.
>> The list of attributes which can be modified for a Host is incomplete.
>> The swallowOutput attribute has not been added.
>> I have not been able to get DefaultContext config info to display in 
>> the admin webapp.
> Damn, we forgot to add that there :-(
> The admin webapp is not in my list of must-haves for a release (except 
> when it indicates there's a regression in Jasper). There's also a 
> problem with the number of people actually working on it (except Amy, I 
> don't see anyone else), so it may take a while to polish it.

Then there should be something in the docs and release notes which state that
the admin application is still considered alpha.

> BTW, I don't see how adding support for your feature (swallowOutput) 
> qualifies as a showstopper ;-) It could probably wait for the next 
> milestone without affecting too many people IMHO.

That alone doesn't, but all of the other issues with the admin app does
unless we note that the admin app is at an alpha release.  Plus I found
a number of places in the admin app code which states that things will
be added later.

My vote will change to [X] Stable if the admin app is considered alpha, and documented as

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