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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Have Bootstrap and BootsrapService share startup/shutdown code
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 03:45:28 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

> BootstrapService never used a port.

You're right. I keep confusing the things - I now switched to 
CatalinaService and it works.

BootstrapService depends on daemon - and I don't use daemon to
start. ( I hope deamon will switch to introspection )

> Sorry I missed something, but I had the impression that the bootstrap
> code was linked with the configuration code. I don't see how we can do
> all the changes and add JMX at the core level without doing a new JMX
> based launcher (JBoss style, I guess). Maybe I missed something (too
> much vacation, I suppose) ;-)

Ok. First, I don't think the bootstrap is 'linked' to configuration.
The role of bootstrap is to create 2 classloaders, load a class and
pass all the params. The only possible configuration would be the
location of the server/lib and common/lib - and that could be done
using the trick we discuss ( look in the classpath, find the dir ).
Having one class with start/stop/main/execute/setters and minimal
external deps ( commons-logging and introspection maybe ) should work.

The second step is Catalina/CatalinaService. Again,
having a single story would be really good. This is the real 'entry
point' and should have setters and execute for ant and JMX, as well
as main. 

Regarding JMX - any application can use modeler ( or a similar tool )
and use as a JMX bean. With DynamicMBean it takes
one line of code. After that - no need to use any tomcat-specific
API, it's just a regular MBean.

The configuration is more of an issue after start() is called. If we
want to use JMX 'everywhere' ( JBoss style ) or not - that's a different
issue. I think it is a good idea, but it needs more discussion and 
feedback. So far my 'pre-proposal' on configuration got some 
nodding, but no real feedback or interest. If I'm the only one 
who has this itch - we can leave server.xml, I won't spend the time
implementing something that nobody needs.



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