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Subject [5] UserDatabase -> DirContext
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 22:36:16 GMT

If we're using JNDI for configuration, then it's a good idea
to use JNDI for user config ( tomcat-users.xml ).

That would make the jndi authenticator 'first class'.
In order to support jdbc 'user databases' we just need 
a jndi->jdbc adapter.

I think that's a very nice and flexible solution - and
will greatly simplify our code ( i.e. less depenencies ).

It can also take care of the issues we have with keeping
all the users in memory, and we can adapt the jndi cache  
for users ( which would be very cool !)

It also means that in order to plug a new user database
into tomcat you only need to implement a (standard) jndi

If you agree with that, we can( should ) eventually deprecate the 
actual intefaces ( UserDatabase, User, etc ), and document
that a 'user database' is just a Context, and the user
is just a DirContext with a number of required attributes.
( eventually named based on the ldap schema - inetPerson? , for 
maximum transparency )


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