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Subject Re: [5] commons-logging
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 20:50:22 GMT
I attached my version :-) I converted several classes ( those I suspect of
taking the most time and where I get exceptions and I need the nested
stack trace to debug ).

I think:
 - debug field should be deprecated. 
    if( log.isDebugEnabled() ) log.debug();,
 - convert debug>=1 to log.debug(), 
	   debug>=2 to log.trace().

 - use the 'usual' conventions for name - 
    LogFactory.getLog( ApplicationDispatcher.class );

Don't worry about host/context names - that'll be addressed separately.
We don't know yet very well how :-), but most likely we'll need some
changes to commons-logging factory to allow us to intercept the 
log creation and insert the 'context' info ( associated with the context 
class loader ).

Ceki posted some info about how this will work with log4j - we'll
have to do that for all loggers.

I expect 'host/contextPath' to either be inserted in the log name
or somehow associated with the context classloader to locate a 
local config.


On 6 Aug 2002, Bob Herrmann wrote:

> "Just for fun", I updated to use
> commons-logging.  It may not be representative in some ways (it defines
> its own debug level), but it was interesting to see what the changes
> look like.
> Does it look like I changed it correctly?  (especially the way I chose
> to initialize a private field "Log" in the constructor.)

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