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Subject Re: [5] New Coyote Branch
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 16:33:44 GMT
On 2 Aug 2002, Bob Herrmann wrote:

> Adding to repository "jakarta-tomcat-connectors" a directory;
>       coyote/src/java/org/apache/coyote5/

You mean:

> and in coyote5 the Request and Response classes implement the interfaces

tomcat4 Request/Response - yes. 

coyote/Request and coyote/Response has nothing to do with the servlet
interfaces, they are low-level ( use MessageBytes instead of Strings,
etc ).

> I am looking to add methods login(Username,Password), login(X590Cert..),
> logout() to the Request class (and jakarta-serveletapi-5) as per the
> Serlvet 2.4 working groups latest recommendation.  I will also move the
> "setCharacterEncoding()" and "getContentType()" to the tomcat5 (and out
> of tomcat4) if I understand this all correctly.

What ? I missed that one. Well, if it is in the spec you'll have to add 


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