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From micael <>
Subject Re: Servlet Compilation Takes Way Too Long
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 17:16:58 GMT
That is very helpful, Glenn.  Thanks for your response.  Can I pretty much 
slip Tomcat 4.1 into my setup and expect reasonable results, or will I go 
through a serious recoding period?  Also, can I Jasper 2 be added to Tomcat 


At 03:57 PM 8/12/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Tomcat 4.1.x uses Jasper 2.  Jasper 2 can do JSP compilations in the 
>If a JSP page had already been compiled it's class is used to serve pages
>until the new JSP has finished compilation.  Result, no requests are delayed
>due to recompilation of a JSP page.  It can also detect changs in JSP pages
>which were included at compile time and force a recompile of the page which
>included them.
>micael wrote:
>>Whenever I change a jsp page, it takes forever for the program to 
>>compile. ("Forever" = five to fifteen minutes.) During that time my site 
>>is essentially shut down.
>>I am current running aTomcat 4.0 with Struts 1.2. I have an application 
>>set for with the following code in server.xml, where the 
>>code for "/anniversaries" is reapeated for 24 different sites.
>><Context path=""
>><Context path="/manager"
>><Context path="/mysubapp-0NE"
>><Context path="/mysubapp-TWO"
>><Context path="/mysubapp-TWENTY-FIVE"
>>Am I doing something dumb, or am I misusing one of the applications? Or, 
>>what? Thanks.
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