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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Bug in WebappClassLoader
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 07:19:15 GMT
David Oxley wrote:
> All,
> There is a couple of bugs in WebappClassLoader.
> 1. On line 953 there is a call to findClassInternal which could throw a 
> ClassNotFoundException that gets caught on line 979. This means that 
> lines 963 through 973 will never get executed. i.e. Repositories added 
> with the method AddRepository will not get searched.

That one is a minor bug, so it will not be fixed until after the first 
TC 4.1 stable release.

> 2. Also URL's returned from getURL are not encoded.

Your fix is wrong (all the URL special characters would get encoded, 
including ':', '/' and others).

> I have submitted a patch for these two problems, but I have not got 
> tomcat 4 to compile yet so haven't tested the patch.

Please try to test patches a little bit before, it saves a few round trips.

> Comments or flames welcome. :)

Better luck next time then ;-)


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