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From Greg Murray <>
Subject [Patch] [jakarta-tomcat-catalina] Invocation of Servlet Filters for RequestDispacther includes/forwards
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 21:20:17 GMT

This is in regarding the addition of support for invoking Servlet 
Filters on RequestDispatcher.forwards and RequestDispatcher.includes as 
specfied in the Servlet 2.4 specification Section SRV.6.2.5.

Basically the patch enables a web application to apply filters using a 
new element under the filter-mapping elment of  the web deployment 
descriptor. Elements include REQUEST, FORWARD, and INCLUDE. Based on the 
dispatcher element(s) specified a application will or will not appy 
filters when processing a request. Please see the specification for 
furter details.

In order for this functionality to be enabled the following filles 
needed modifcation:

One new file was created:

Basically I moved all re-usable code related to creating an 
ApplicationFilterChain object into the ApplicationFilterFactory. This 
design will allow for the caching of ApplicationFilterChains in the future.

Attached are the diff files for the changes I am proposing and also the 
new file

Pleease let me know what you all think about these changes.


Greg Murray

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