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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [5.0] [PROPOSAL] Refactored mapper
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 16:45:57 GMT
Bob Herrmann wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 18:38, Patrick Luby wrote:
>>Remy and Costin,
>>I found the following draft wording that is being considered for the
>>Servlet 2.4 spec. The exact wording may change, but the context should
>>stay the same. Are there any unimplementable pieces in this proposed
>>The wording in the 4th paragraph in section 9.10 of the Servlet 2.4 spec
>>may change to:
>>   The web server must append each welcome file in the order
>>   specified in the deployment descriptor to the partial request and
>>   check whether a [static] resource [or servlet] in the WAR is
>>   mapped to that request URI. The web container must send the
>>   request to the first resource in the WAR that matches [in the
>>   order of 1. a static resource, 2. a servlet that matches
>>   exactly, 3. a servlet that matches according to the path
>>   mapping rule].
> Humm... how does this help?  
> First, note that the "extension mapping" is not mentioned, so things
> like *.jsp, *.boo are not relevant to welcome files.  
> Consider this,
>  <servlet-mapping> 
>     <servlet-name>BooServlet</servlet-name> 
>     <url-pattern>/boo/*</url-pattern> 
>  </servlet-mapping> 
>  <servlet-mapping> 
>     <servlet-name>FooServlet</servlet-name> 
>     <url-pattern>/boo/foo/*</url-pattern> 
>  </servlet-mapping> 
>  <servlet-mapping> 
>     <servlet-name>ExServlet</servlet-name> 
>     <url-pattern>exactMatch</url-pattern> 
>  </servlet-mapping> 
>  <welcome-file-list> 
>     <welcome-file>index.html</welcome-file> 
>     <welcome-file>/boo/AlwaysGoesHere</welcome-file> 
>     <welcome-file>/boo/foo/NeverGetsHere</welcome-file> 
>     <welcome-file>exactMatch</welcome-file> 
>     <welcome-file>index.jsp</welcome-file>  <!-- how come extension
> mapping is ok here? or is it not ok. -->
>  </welcome-file-list> 
> Somewhat confused (typical),

And imagine what users will say ;-)

Basically, I read it as not using extension mapping for non physical 
resources, but only for physical resources (otherwise the default home 
page of Tomcat when you set it up won't work, which is a problem IMO ;-)).

It now looks doable with the standalone Tomcat. It may still be 
unimplementable through Apache, though.

My wish would be that only physical resources can be used as welcome 
files, so that the spec is implementable through a native webserver.
(Quite frankly, the use case for the rest is very limited, and very 
confusing; plus it would impose a complex wording in the spec - still 
not right in that version)


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