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From Amy Roh <>
Subject Re: Absolute fields required for JDBC & JNDI Realm pages in adminwebapp
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 00:43:58 GMT

Thanks for the feedback.

John Holman wrote:

> Amy
> Yes - much too strict for JNDIRealm!

I agree!

> The only configuration attributes
> that should always be specified for this realm are className and
> connectionURL. In addition either userPattern or userSearch must be
> specified (but not both). Other attributes either have default values,
> or not specifying them is itself significant (e.g. if userPassword is
> not specified the realm attempts to bind as the user rather than
> retrieve the user's password). (Note that the realm docs on the website
> are out of date, but the CVS and 4.1.8+  releases have new documentation
> which covers all of this).

I just committed fixes to validate only className and connectionURL and also to
check either userPattern or userSearch is specified but not both.

> In this connection, there is a problem with the admin application, which
> when it writes out a new version of the server.xml file converts all
> attributes that are unspecified by the user (e.g. in the original
> server.xml file) to attributes that are specified and have the empty
> string as their value This breaks JNDIRealm at the moment, and perhaps
> some other components as well (e.g. other realms).

I committed fixes for this problem so that admin webapp doesn't set various
properties if users don't specify them in the page.

> However  I suspect this might be awkward to fix because of the way web
> forms work. If you can confirm that the admin app will continue to
> behave in this way (replacing null values with "" for all configuration
> attributes) then I can send you a patch for JNDIRealm to treat these
> values as equivalent. Configuration code in other components might also
> need to change - e.g. RealmBase decides whether a digest is being used
> by testing the value of the digest attribute against null, and throws an
> exception if it gets the empty string, since this is not null but not
> the name of a known digest algorithm either.

I don't think any change to JNDIRealm is necessary since I changed admin so that
it doesn't replace null values with "" for all configuration attributes
anymore.  Could you see if everything is ok now?  I'll commit the changes to
Tomcat 5 once I make sure it works correctly.

I still need someone to comment on other realms so I can make them more


> John
> Amy Roh wrote:
> > JDBC and JNDI Realms have many attributes.  What's the minimum list of
> > attributes to enable these two Realms?  I'll need to know the minimum
> > required list of attributes to validate the realm pages in admin
> > webapp.  Currently, it's validating all the fields as required which I
> > think is too strict.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Amy
> >
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