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From Steve Downey <>
Subject Re: [5][PATCH]Run Watchdog from the jakarta-tomcat-5 build.xml
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 20:07:51 GMT
Jean-francois Arcand wrote:

> Steve Downey wrote:
>> Thanks for pointing the tomcat5 task out. I'm trying to reimplement 
>> with that, and have run into a couple of snags.
>> First is that o.a.c.startup.CatalinaService doesn't distinguish 
>> between catalina.home and catalina.base. setHome() actually sets both 
>> of them. Adding a setBase() is trivial, but it affects the semantics 
>> of initialization. Any current client expects both to be set by a 
>> call to setHome(),  and just moving the setProperty to setBase() 
>> breaks that. Of course if the setProperty("catalina.base",s) is left 
>> in setHome(), then initialization is order dependent. For now, and I 
>> just added a setBase() and ignored the problem.
>> The next problem was that the task runs in VM. Ant's xercesImpl 
>> chokes on parsing the schemas. This is the known dependency on Xerces 
>> 2.0.1. Replacing the xercesImpl.jar in Ant fixed that, but that seems 
>> an ugly requirement. 
> The problem should occurs only with Xerces 2.0.2. Is 2.0.2 bundle with 
> ANT 1.5? If you try with the current Xerces nightly build, it should 
> work. This is a big paint because Xerces 2.0.2 seems to be used 
> everywhere....The only solution will be to set the schema validation 
> off, or detect the Xerces version and throw an exception before 
> starting parsing a file.
Yes, it's Xerces 2.0.2. At least that's what the README claims. From 
what I understand it's not sufficient to turn schema validation off, 
although I haven't verified that.  Is there a good way of detecting 
which version of Xerces is present?

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