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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Have Bootstrap and BootsrapService share startup/shutdown code
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 21:30:57 GMT wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Patrick Luby wrote:
>>Wouldn't commons-daemon also want to use's classloader, 
>>etc. setup? Right now, all of this is buried in main() instead of a 
>>method that commons-daemon could access.
> Sure - split the main into several methods ( one called 'start' for
> commons-deamon to use ). 
>>> will be useable as an ant task ( using execute() 
>>>and the setters ) and will be useable as an MBean ( using modeler ).
>>>All things that can be specified via CLI will be setable via
>>Wouldn't we want to put execute() in since that is where 
>>all of the classloader magic is happening?
> Bootstrap can mirror the methods of - using introspection
> to call them. 
> But Catalina should have the logic - if you embed tomcat and have all
> the classes already available, or use ant with a defined <path>
> there is no need for Bootstrap.
> At least that's my experience with 3.3 launcher - it should
> only create the 'common' and 'server' loaders, create Catalina
> using the server loader, pass the common loader, then use
> introspection to call execute. 
>>I agree. The BootstrapService does this very well. Hence, my proposal to 
>>share common methods. By sharing start() and stop() logic, 
>> would only need to have a command-line option (e.g. 
>>-noshutdownport) that bypasses the creation of the shutdown port. Right 
>>now, Bootstrap.main() has this shutdown port stuff really embedded in there.
> +1
> Each command-line options should have an equivalent setter, for JMX/ant 
> use.
>>Also, my hope is that we can have the shutdown port logic, when it is 
>>used, happen *before* the server is started so that you don't have to 
>>wait for the server to fully start before you can shutdown Tomcat.
> My hope is that we'll remove the shutdown port and use ajp13 shutdown.
> One less open port. In addition JMX could be used ( or direct calls
> if tomcat is embeded ).

BootstrapService never used a port.

Sorry I missed something, but I had the impression that the bootstrap 
code was linked with the configuration code. I don't see how we can do 
all the changes and add JMX at the core level without doing a new JMX 
based launcher (JBoss style, I guess). Maybe I missed something (too 
much vacation, I suppose) ;-)


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