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From Justyna Horwat <>
Subject Re: New coyote branch
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 17:36:49 GMT
Craig summed it up well in his e-mail. The attribute change listeners 
are explicitly required by the proposed servlet 2.4 spec. I need to 
modify the ServletRequest instance which happens to be present in Coyote.

Both Costin and Remy brought up issues related to as well as good 
solutions to branching. I like Remy's idea of creating a Tomcat 5 
adapter which would be consistent with the Tomcat 3 & 4 adapters.

(The javax.servlet API changes I made to jakarta-servletapi-5 will not 
affect whether Coyote builds or not. These are additions with no 
modification to the existing API's. I submitted a patch for these 
additions a couple of days ago but since there's no implementation you 
won't see any changes to the behavior.)


Patrick Luby wrote:

> Justy,
> I verified that Tomcat 5 builds and runs and most of the servlet tests 
> in Watchdog pass with the current Coyote connector. Of course, I don't 
> think any of the changes in the proposed 2.4 spec have been 
> implemented yet.
> Are there any changes to Coyote that are explicitly or implicitly 
> required by the spec? Or is the problem that API changes to the 
> javax/servlet classes that are required by the new spec will cause 
> Coyote to not build?
> Thanks,
> Patrick
> wrote:
>> On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Peter Lin wrote:
>>> Justyna Horwat wrote:I looked in jakarta-tomcat-connectors and it 
>>> doesn't look like jakarta-tomcat-connectors has been branched yet. I 
>>> checked the archives and saw the vote results where it was decided 
>>> that the HEAD of jakarta-tomcat-connectors will be used for Tomcat 5 
>>> and Coyote 1.0 would be branched.
>>> I'd like to request that this branch be created. Remy?
>>> The reason I ask is that I'm working on a servlet 2.4 servlet 
>>> request events implementation which involves modifying 
>> What kind of changes ? Coyote should be independent of servlet,
>> if you need to add something you can add it to the main branch.
>> 2.4 should be backward compatible - so it shouldn't change any behavior.
>> Costin
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