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From Yunfeng Hou <>
Subject Re: jasper package
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 05:13:14 GMT
> A desire to do this in the first place probably
> comes from wanting to use
> unpackaged classes without importing them -- which
> is both against the JSP
> spec and is also frowned on in general by the Java
> compiler in JDK 1.4 and
> later.  You're MUCH better off putting your classes

No, I want this because I need it to debug my
generated class file at runtime. Currently, jasper
will always generate class in org.apache.jsp. For
example, /abc/test.jsp will have class in
$scratchDir/abc, and /abc/def/test.jsp will be
generated in $scratchDir/abc/def, with the same
package - org.apache.jsp! I can not even compile these
classes, do you think it a good design?

Or, what I need is compile and debug, I do not need
that flexibility to specify package name, at least, I
think jasper should support this: these jsps will have
package name and respectively.

Yunfeng Hou

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