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From Ian Darwin <>
Subject Re: 4.1.8: 'Unable to compile JSP' exceptions
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 19:03:23 GMT
On August 7, 2002 02:06 pm, you wrote:
> Is this really the feeling of the Tomcat group as a whole ..
> What group is responsible for Jasper .. is that a separate group ?
> If the home page says Tomcat is a reference implementation for JSP 1.2 then
> isn't the answer obvious ?
> Do others in the Tomcat project agree with Brian's assessment ?

Of course not!  Tomcat is the reference for Servlets AND for JSP.
The bug will get fixed. It's summer; a lot of people are on holidays and
at least one of the very key people just moved and is still unpacking.
So "unlax", as Bugs used to say.

And yes, some people use Tomcat w/o JSP, others with. It will get fixed.
Sooner, of course, if you provide a working patch :-)

Ian Darwin
> > Seems to me that Tomcat w/o a functioning JSP compiler is next to
> > useless .. or am I missing something ?
> Well, that is a perspective I guess.  I've used a servlet engine without
> JSP and have produced many working applications.  I've used velocity, or
> cocoon, or just plain old servlets.

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