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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject RE: uri_map using regex [WAS: mod_jk, mod_jk2 URI spaces]
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 15:21:32 GMT

> From: news [] On Behalf Of Costin Manolache
> I thought about this few times - it's a good idea but a bit 
> scary ( the build process )

The easiest would be if the guys from Apache 2 move the regex to the
apr-util (I already make the question about that on the apr-dev).
Apache 2 builds should be relatively easy to implement since we have the
pcrelib already there. For the rest of the servers (IIS) we have the
.dsp and all that is needed is to include that in the module build.

> and not sure if a general regexp will work as well on the simple
patterns we have.

Well everything is precompiled, so the performance shouldn't be an issue
> I'm +1 if you can do it first in an 'optional' way - 
> like a separate module that can be excluded and will be
> used based on some option. It may need some hooks.

I was planning to do that any way since this has lot of implications to
the existing mappings, moving the new code to the jk_uriMapX.c and
keeping function naming as is.

> If you want to start on this, I would propose we branch the 
> code for a stable 1.0 release.
> My current thinking is to use 4.1.9 ( or whatever is the stable
> release) as a tag for jk1.2 'stable' and jk2 'beta'.

Ok. That would be fine with me.


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