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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject uri_map using regex [WAS: mod_jk, mod_jk2 URI spaces]
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 11:07:27 GMT

Remember the last month advanced URI space resolution I proposed?

Well, I've been working on that for a week or so, and found myself doing
things that are more or less regular expression matching of request uri.
Even existing uri_map code has a trace of that (matching star for
example), so IMO (since we are matching things) we could use the regex
code as a general uri->file space matching solution. That way the users
will be able to use the same syntax as for the <LocationMatch > or
mod_proxy, allowing one to make complex uri resolutions, like TRUE/FALSE

The major drawback of that is that we'll need the pcre library, either
one that comes with the Apache 2 (by Philip Hazel) or Apache 1.3 (by
Henry Spencer). Since the same should be used with the IIS and other
platforms, I suggest that we use the one from Apache 2.0.

Using pcre will introduce the need for build process changes (only 2.0
can use the proposed pcre from its own build) and we'll need the



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