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Subject Re: <ResourceLink> does not work inside <DefaultContext>
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:11:40 GMT


Thanks for your note but I still maintain this is a bug.

I am already using the default standard host that sets autodeploy to true by default.

Also, I have tried adding the resource into <DefaultContext> directly and that works
fine - so how would you explain that?

Asar Khan

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                    18/07/2002           Subject:     Re: <ResourceLink> does not work
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This is a tomcat-users question, not a tomcat-dev question.

On July 18, 2002 05:25 am, wrote:
> I have set up a global JDBC resource in the <GlobalNamingResources>
> section.
> I have a number of virtual hosts and have found that if the <ResourceLink>
> is added inside <Context> the resource is available. However, if it is
> added inside <DefaultContext> it is not.
> Not being an expert could someone please confirm this is a bug?

DefaultContext is poorly named. It does NOT provide a default for all Contexts,
only for Contexts that are auto-deployed.

See the section on "Automatic deployment" in the config/host.html document.

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