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Subject RE: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/jk/native2/server/apache2 mod_jk2.c
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 15:39:28 GMT
I think Mladen chose the wrong example, but he is right.

Think about the case when pre-compiled JSPs are used. In this case
 index.jsp is converted to a servlet - in the deployed application
there is no 'index.jsp' file, just a servlet and a mapping for
/index.jsp to the generated servlet.

This is another mismatch between the servlet spec and the common
practice on all web servers. DirectoryIndex works with files
for all servers that I know. The servlet spec extends the concept - 
and tries to decouple itself from the file system. 

I don't think it is easy ( or possible ?)  with the current spec to 
get Apache to serve dirs. At least it won't work with using only file
system info. 

mod_jk needs to use the mappings _and_ filesystem. If the 
webapp is not local, jk will just forward all requests anyway
( apache can't serve/list the files if there is no local file ).
If the webapp is on the local disk, mod_jk must implement what's
described in the servlet spec  - check for each _resource_, by
using the mapping rules _and_ the filesystem. 

I think index.jsp case is the most interesting, as the file doesn't
have to exist - you can have the <servlet-mapping> with /index.jsp
and the generated servlet and no real index.jsp file. 


On 21 Jul 2002, Bojan Smojver wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-07-21 at 16:22, Mladen Turk wrote:
> > What if the TC's directory tree is on the remote server? What is the
> > finfo then and where?
> It that case TC does the whole job and mod_dir doesn't get involved.
> > If you cannot use the mod_dir for all the cases than what is the purpose
> > of using it for a particular one.
> The purpose is to be more flexible and to accommodate the case in which
> static files (served by Apache) are intermixed with files served by
> Tomcat (JSP, Velocity etc.).
> > IMO one should be able to move the entire app from server to server
> > without extra reconfiguration.
> Fully agree. However, you might consider the Apache/Tomcat combo a
> server, not just Tomcat.
> Bojan
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