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Subject Re: Jk2 shutdown
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 17:39:42 GMT
On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Mladen Turk wrote:

> I would like to make the TomcatStarter to be aware of the thing that he
> is doing (starting or stopping). Could be done through args but I would
> like to hear other ideas.
> Second thing is the 'ARG' parameter that IMO should be split in two
> params, (startup and shutdown) like
> [worker.jni:jniCmd1]
> ...
> startup=start
> shutdown=stop

What I tried in jniCmd and jni worker is to make it as simple
as possible - just call main(String[]) with all the standard arguments.

It is the protocol and the exposed API who should provide any 
aditional callback - the jni worker should do one thing, load
the VM and start a standard program.

We already have a mechanism/API for shutdown - and I don't see any
good reason to add another one for the JNI call. The fewer
'special' APIs we have for JNI, the better it is for maintainance.

What I would do is just use the existing ajp13 shutdown. If there's
anything the TomcatStarter must do on shutdown, we can add another
 hook (== coyote ActionCode ) for shutdown, but use the normal
callback mechansim from JNI ( with the ajp13 shutdown message ).

If this is too complicated - I'm +0 on a temporary solution, but
long term I think we should keep the API consistent and as simple
as possible.


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