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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: webapp/apr cvs tags?
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 02:00:14 GMT
"Neil Cronin" <> wrote:

> are you looking at the apache code, apr, or mod_webapp?

All the three codebases (given my involvement lately - Pier is moving to
HTTPD and APR :)

> all versions of mod_webapp compile fine with the trunk of apr, but none will
> be loaded with apache 1.3.26.

Yes, indeed. This is because the final stage of linking, since you're
building a module, ignores symbols which are not found, relying on the fact
that someone has loaded them before.... Now, when we compile mod_webapp we
specifically disallow threads, therefore excluding thread mutexes as well,
and since the latest atomic code relies on them, well, the linker doesn't
complain as it assumes it'll be loaded before our module.

> compiling with apr_APACHE_2_0_35.tar.gz, the module
> loads fine and runs fine.  so it seems to me the problem is in the apr
> trunk...  but I'm don't really know enough to say for sure.

2.0.35 was rolled before the atomic code changes... It definitely is a bug
in APR's dependancies processing...


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