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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: getRequestURI()
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 05:36:00 GMT
Ah - now I feel stupid. I was thinking he was saying encodeURL didn't
put it there. According to what your interpretation is he things
getRequestURI doesn't get it back. :-/ I'll buy that - especially since
you're quoting it from the docs ;-) *feels stupid*

Is it a usage question rather than an implementation question? You can
get the querystring too. It does make for another call - but you can
bypass the expense of the concatenation by just printing them out
adjacent. Right?

Thinking ...


Bill Barker wrote:

>Hum, it does look like the spec is a bit schizophrenic here.  The
>;jessionid= isn't part of the requestURI in section 4.4:
><spec-quote section="4.4" version="2.3">
>It is important to note that, except for URL encoding differences between
>request URI and the path parts, the following equation is always true:
>requestURI = contextPath + servletPath + pathInfo
>However, in section 15.1.3 it very clearly is:
><spec-quote section="15.1.3" version="2.3>
>public java.lang.String getRequestURI()
>Returns the part of this request’s URL from the protocol name up to the
>string in the first line of the HTTP request.
>Off-hand, I'd say that it's a good question for
> so that it can be clarified in the up-coming
>2.4 spec.

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