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From Paul Speed <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: SSI Servlet has big problems
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 00:13:20 GMT
(resending from my address to avoid being filtered/delayed
 by moderation.)

Dan Sandberg wrote:
> Ugh this is painful.  I'll checkout your stuff within the next few days.
>  If the architecture looks good and does have significantly greater
> functionality I will merge my changes into your code.
> I also fixed the included variable problem and the nested include
> problems.  The conditional stuff was the only thing I thought I was missing.

Hmmm... maybe it isn't as bad as I thought?  I don't know.  I know
there were some parsing problems that kept variable substituation
from working correctly.

> I'm curious:  How could I have checked out an older version accidently?
>  Wouldn't I have had to explicitly specify a date or tag or something?

Well, if you started working from a tarball of the source, that 
might have done it.  I think that's what happened in my case
originally.  I can't remember exactly, but the tarball I had might
have even had CVS directories in it with sticky tags already set...
ie: keeping me from easily getting the latest without checking out
the whole source tree from scratch.

> ... This is all quite depressing ...

Indeed.  Thanks for being so gracious about all of this.  I really
felt quite sick when I saw what I missed.  That'll teach me to 
ignore my inbox. :)

> -Dan

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