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From Dan>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: SSI Servlet has big problems
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 23:25:11 GMT
I'm trying to checkout an old version of tomcat with the following command:

[dan@oogie tmp]$ cvs co -D "4 months ago" jakarta-tomcat-4.0

And I'm getting the following error:

Core dumped; preserving /tmp/cvs-serv41751 on server.
CVS locks may need cleaning up.

My version is (on Linux):

 >[dan@oogie tmp]$ cvs --version
 >Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.1p1 (client/server)

I tried the same thing on Solaris, and had the same problem.

Any idea?  Am I doing something stupid?


Dan Sandberg wrote:

> Yes, let's merge them together.  How do I get to the code that you 
> fixed?  Were the test cases in CVS?
> I'd say lets get all the test cases setup, and see where my code fails 
> your tests.  Then we can use your code wherever functionality is missing.
> I thought I had checked out the head revision.  Did I make a mistake 
> with the cvs check out command?
> -Dan
> Paul Speed wrote:
>> (Resending from my older address in hopes that it will help avoid
>> some confusion.)
>> Hmmm...
>> This is what I get for ignoring the list for a while. ;)
>> Note: I completely rewrote the SSI support in 4.x HEAD and had Bip
>> apply the patches (Amy also did some patching) for exactly the same 
>> reasons you originally mention.  I did this around Oct/Nov 2001.  On 
>> most of the 4.0 bug reports for SSI (which I agree was a bad 
>> implementation on that branch) I commented that my changes should 
>> probably have been back-ported from head.
>> I even had test cases for all of the SSI commands, including the 
>> conditionals which I added support for.
>> My only guess is that you were looking at an older version when finding
>> the problem.  My rewrite solved all of these problems and was 
>> completely compatible with all mod_include commands except for the
>> regex stuff.
>> Of course, now it seems that my version has been completely blown
>> away.  Which is unfortunate since that means we lose conditionals...
>> and possibly some of the more esoteric nesting behavior that I copied
>> from Apache (I haven't tested this yet.)
>> It's too bad that SSI on head was blown away for changes to an older
>> version.  Any chance we can nicely merge the two good versions into 
>> one more good version?
>> -Paul Speed

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