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From John Baker <>
Subject Re: That Cookie thing
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 12:39:19 GMT
On Monday 01 July 2002 13:38, peter lin wrote:
> John Baker wrote:
> > Well a reliable source tells me that there is no w3c spec for Cookies,
> > and infact the concept was conjured by Netscape. There is an RFC spec for
> > Cookies, but it's largely ignored.
> >
> > So as the useful browsers out there ignore Cookie requests without a
> > path, it might be handy to add it by default so other people don't spend
> > an hour or two sitting there thinking "Why doesn't this work?". The
> > current context path would be handy, so the response code could look like
> > this:
> Too many specs to keep track of.  I disagree the default should be set
> to "/", since that isn't how other web/app servers handle it.  I know
> both websphere and weblogic follow netscapes suggestion.  The spec might
> be bad and probably is, but since that's how most browsers handle it,
> changing might cause more problems than it solves.  just my .2

Yes, "/" is bad, I think I'll forget that. The default context would be more 
handy, and a warning would be very handy. 

But most browsers don't handle it, infact, I can't find one that does 
(although I've only tried IE/Moz1.0/Konq). But if that collection don't 
handle it, any cookie sent without a path is almost totally useless.

I vote a warning. Warnings are great, they save wasting time.


John Baker, BSc CS.
Java Developer, TEAM/Slb.
Views expressed in this mail are my own.

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