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From "Arshad Mahmood" <>
Subject Some advice regarding mod_jk
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 10:54:12 GMT

I am developing an using mod_jk, apache 1.3.26 and Tomcat 4.1.7, Redhat 7.2
and have come across an issue with regards to mod_jk.

Now I assumed that the Ajp13Processors under mod_jk acted as pool to process
incoming requests. But I hadn't realised that a processor is created per
socket and then it processes requests on that socket until it is shut down.

This means that even on a lightly loaded machine I can quite easily have 7-8
processors (hence threads, hence processes) depending on which apache child
processes my request.

I would like to modify the code for the Ajp13Connector as follows, and I
wonder what the developers think the consequence would be for reasonble
sized sight (say ~10,000 hits a day).

1. Add a maxIdleProcessors, so that short periods of peak activity don't
leave loads of processors hanging around. I would probably set this value
quite low (probably 2-3).

2. I would modify Ajp13Processor so that it processes a single request and
then recycles itself, rather than waiting for more requests on the same

I have made these changes and tested them and the behaviour doesn't appear
to be too bad. Peak activity does slow a little bit, but overall usage of
resources (i.e. threads) is much lower.

Any comments?


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