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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject RE: Jk2 shutdown
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 20:39:57 GMT
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> Sent: 1. srpanj 2002 21:31
> To: Tomcat Developers List
> Subject: RE: Jk2 shutdown
> What about having a separate worker.jni: that will execute the 
> stop command ? In theory we can have as many worker.jni we 
> want, each executing different programs - in this case we'll 
> just add  a flag to the worker.jni indicating when do we want 
> the program 
> executed ( on start, on stop - maybe on other stages too ). This 
> would still keep the worker.jni: as a simple 
> run-java-program-and-nothing-else, and we could open some 
> interesting tricks. 

Cool idea! I was thinking to use it just for something like that.
> Not sure about that - I would like to keep TomcatStarter as simple as 
> possible. I don't agree that the same class that starts a 
> program should also stop it - we don't do it in standalone 
> case ( where the 
> stopper sends a message to either ajp12/13 in 3.3, or the 
> 8005 port in catalina - but that's different code than the 
> starter code ).

Well, I was thinking to customize and use the TomcatStarter
mainClasses[] so we can start not only Bootstrap but other classes too,
making extra call param to the main and put those classes to be either
fixed or customizable.
That way the existing code would be kept as much usable, with the minor
So, using the TomcatStarter calling some classes main() with the
start/stop is a nice and clean interface to as many loaded classes as
they are.
Instead of customizing the TomcatStarter class in the worker.jni: I'd
like to make the actual called class to be customized, but the problem
is with those multiple mainClasses[] (perhaps semicolon separated?).

> As allways, if adding a stop solves your problem - I'm +0, 
> but I don't think this is the best solution, and long term I 
> would like very much to have the stop done via the same code 
> regardless of execution mode.

Ok, I agree. It works for now, but I'll look a way to make the clean
shutdown using ajp (and TomcatStarter :).


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