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Subject Re: PROPOSAL: Jasper34 removal
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:37:24 GMT
On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Remy Maucherat wrote:

> > 34 is a refactoring attempt of jasper1 ( the version included
> > in 3.3 ). It was never released. Given the plans for 5.0 there
> > is no point on keeping unused code around.
> +1 if you're convinced that no code there can be useful, even as a 
> reference.

It'll remain in Attic.

The code is almost identical with the one in 3.3, with a lot
of refactoring to make it more modular and clean up some spaghetti.
That will eventually have to be done in jasper2, but it's 
not possible to 'reuse' it, it has to be specific to jasper2.

I assume after the first stable release of jasper2 we will make
some more cleanup changes - like use commons-logging and deprecate
the jasper logger, have a more clean separation between runtime
and compiler, eventually add some hooks to allow better 

One thing I am interested in jasper2 is a mechanism to cut 
layers on the output path - i.e. have the jasper2 buffers more
exposed and eventually allow it to play with coyote, to avoid
copy and make sure all buffers are reused. 
( disclaimer for Christopher: I have no proof that this will
improve the performance :-)


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