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Subject Re: Performance Test Workload: HelloWorld Servlet
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:38:53 GMT
On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Christopher K.  St.  John wrote:

>  Costin, thanks for the further details. Rather than a higher
> level discussion (followed by me spending more time running
> benchmarks, followed by more high-level discussion), could
> could you give a pointer to where you posted your results,
> and possibly the servlet code that you used? Hints, keywords,

I think it's much better for you to run more benchmarks with
your tests, discuss what you find, and run more benchmarks :-)

I never posted any 'result' - I think everyone should spend
the time and test with what fits he's use case, and I don't 
like publishing meaningless numbers. 

>  I'm a little concerned about any further rounds of "you
> picked just exactly the wrong test". Actual results would

Don't worry, I enjoy that :-)

As everyone tried to explain you, there is no 'good' test.
The OutputStream is good for a particular aspect, the Writer
for something else, so is an empty servlet or an empty JSP
page. The only thing that matter is the real application you 
run, with the load you expect and on the hardware you're going
to use. 


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