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Subject Build ( again )
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 17:12:44 GMT

As you know, there are 2 policies to deal with the binary packages:

- 'original' packages, i.e. each dependency is downloaded seapartely,
installed in the original form ( including version numbers ), and 
we use paths to the jars inside. That's what tomcat is using mostly.

- single lib/ directory, where all jars are installed. In future there
is hope that a smart loader ( like the one in tomcat4 ) will check the
manifests and someday create the classpath based on the requested API
and versions. 

The second aproach is used by ant ( all jars should be installed in lib),
and also maven. 

Gump is a special case - it doesn't care where the jars are installed,
but it'll put all of them in the CLASSPATH before calling build.xml.

Since we'll all be converted to maven really soon ( :-) ), I think we
should at least discuss the second policy, maybe for 5.0. I think it
can simplify some things. 

( jars in CVS fall in the second case - and we should consolidate all 
the .jars we have checked in to a single dir / repository )



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