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Subject Re: 5.0 proposal
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 21:11:01 GMT
On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Pier Fumagalli wrote:

> I can't be a RM for 4.0.4 because I would simply remove 70% of the code, and
> kiddies would start crying their butts off because they don't have the
> manager application, or JSP support :)

I don't think you can remove JSP support - tomcat would no longer be
the 'reference impl. for servlets and jsps'.

And I don't know why you have to _remove_ stuff that other people 
need and wrote - simply because you don't need them ?

> But if anyone is interested I'd like to explore the opportunity of a
> Tomcat-HA (high-availability or hard-edition), based on 4.0 without the
> "crap" in there, and straightening out the request-response model...

Sure - except the name, which will be 5.0 :-)

The whole idea is to improve the modularity of the code ( and the  
smaller/cleaner request/response/hook model in Coyote is going to 
help ), and allow more flexibility in configuration/packaging.

While the "RI" will likely consist of all the features, it should
be easy to remove or replace components you don't need in a particular
use-case, and release 'specialised' configuration ( like an 'embeded'
edition, 'standalone' or 'integrated', etc ). 

As I said, tomcat4.0 is out and in 'maintainance' mode ( like 
tomcat3.2 ). Changing APIs or removing features would require
a very serious reason and would most likely be vetoed. Tuning and
fixing and making smaller improvements is still possible - as long
as the stability of the code is not affected. 

> > I don't think you can 'veto' a long term plan or release. AFAIK it's
> > a majority vote.
> Veto in terms of -1ing it.

I think 'veto' has a very specific meaning. ( I'm not an expert in
english, but it's not an english word :-)


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