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From Brent Baccala <>
Subject Web architecture paper
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 04:17:13 GMT
Hi -

I've written a paper on "Future directions in web architecture" that
might be of interest to people on these list(s).  Since I'm thinking
about submitting it as an informational RFC, I'd like to get some
feedback.  Here's its abstract:

   Differentiates between connection-oriented and data-oriented
   networking, identifies the advantages of data-oriented networks,
   argues that Internet web architecture is becoming more data-oriented,
   and suggests ways of encouraging and accelerating this trend. Points
   out the need for caching dynamic web sites, and the inadequacy of
   present caching technology for anything but static sites. Proposes the
   adoption of Java servlets, cryptographically signed Web Application
   Archives (WARs), and Gnutella as standards for dynamic web caching

The full paper can be found at this URL:

If you take the time to read it, please let me know what you think.


                                        Brent Baccala

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