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Subject Coyote build
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 17:01:35 GMT
Again, I know the current system works ( more or less ), but
I also think it is a mess...

The coyote build in particular is very confusing, due to 
the recursive dependencies ( coyote provides 'drivers' for
3.3 and 4.0 ).

What I would like to change:
- first build 'coyote-api.jar' -> only the coyote specific APIs,
no driver

- various other targets that depend on coyote can go on - 
tomcat3.3 and tomcat4 builds in particular, jk and http11

- build coyote-tomcat4.jar and coyote-tomcat33.jar
( and coyote-res.jar ). That probably belongs to the 
tomcat build.xml ( probably the drivers themself would
better sit in the jakarta-tomcat-xx CVS, but for now
we can live them in jtc )

BTW, my recent 'build' activity is result of a lot of 
headache and frustration while debugging commons-logging, log4j,
mx4j, jk, etc with tomcat. I'm not an expert in tomcat or 
jakarta or ant, but I know a bit - and my experience was 
Yes, it is easy to build if you assume all dependencies are
available and bug free, but that's not allways the case. 


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