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Subject mx for jk
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 06:58:20 GMT

In case you didn't noticed, I checked in a small 'magic' util that 
turns Jk components into dynamic MBeans. 

It still doesn't support the 'descriptions' and the ability to 
fine tune the exposed attributes/methods, that will be added later
( and will probably require xdoclet or a similar tool ).

I still have few more changes/enhancements, and I'll include more
info on how to enable it. We'll also need to start adding getters
for the informations we want to make available ( number of threads,
current request, etc ).

As noted in the comments, the intention is to integrate it with the
configuration layer, so we can make distinction between what is 
explicitely set by user and what is just a normal getter.

Opinions ? Is it usefull or should I find something better to do ?

BTW, it is trivial to enable all 3.3 contexts and interceptors as
mbeans ( about 30 lines of code so far ). Is it ok to check it in ?


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