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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: Proposal draft for Tomcat 5.0
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 17:56:52 GMT
I hope that Tomcat 5.0 proposal draft won't turn in
a battle or flame war between Tomcat and Avalon commiters.

Why ?

Because we had just too many flams wars in tomcat-dev
between tomcat 3.3 and tomcat 4.x teams.

Tomcat 5.0 appears to be a way to have both teams
works again together to make a better tomcat,
which will be profitable to the whole jakarta 

Tomcat 5.0 will be Coyote 2.0 based, a small and
efficient core.

The question shouldn't be to use Avalon as framework, 
but how make tighers links between Avalon and TC 5.0.

That core will link to catalina 2.0, jasper 3, 
why not avalon 4 or 5 ? 

Others goal of TC 5.0 will be to be faster than TC 3.3
or 4.x, better integration with web-servers, better
management via JMX.

TC 5.0 is a normal evolution on works conducted on 
TC 3.3 and 4.x, and a merge of ideas and commiters.

That's not so bad.

Henri Gomez                 ___[_]____
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