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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: mod_jk 4.03 deadlock
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 08:30:09 GMT
>The real issue is why tomcat doesn't send the data. Could you try 
>with tomcat4.1 ( or the new coyote-based ajp connector ) ? Is it 
>really a deadlock ( tomcat and mod_jk both waiting for input,
>i.e. locked in read ) ? Or it is that tomcat for some reasons
>doesn't send the 'END' message ? 

Hum, it recall me some problems which may have been solved in post
4.0.3 or in recent jtc (related to thread problem)
>Of course, there is the issue of detecting timeouts - but that's
>extremely tricky, as some requests may take a long time to process,
>and waiting 3 seconds ( or any other timeout ) is not a good solution. 
>It is the java side who should send the END message when the
>requests ends.

Hum, I never liked too much the select, at least on Unix boxes
a good blocking read make OS wake up your task/thread as soon as
there is something to do.
>Can you try more debugging, also on the java side ? Maybe the
>etherreal AJP pluging can help :-) 
>BTW, even if you solved the deadlock you may run into other problems,
>as requests longer than 3 secs will fail.

Yep, select is not the solution.

You could :

Keep tomcat 4.0.3 and add debugging code
Use tomcat 4.0.4b2
Or better switch to tomcat 4.1.3

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