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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>
Subject RE: [JK2] JNI worker Init complete
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 19:40:06 GMT
> De: Mladen Turk []
> Enviado el: 28 de junio de 2002 7:57

> I have the same problems, (I've posted that on Monday)...

Seen .. yes is related we need a way to make channels unavailable.. 

> There is no need to do that for initialization. All that we require is
> the worker startup flag, with the timeout probably.

As Codtin explains, this will not work in cases where the startup time
can be very high, in addition i dont found a clean way to retry JNI open
channel operation.. i've tryed but not luck.. and if used until tomcat
startup ( i suppousse until Coyote/JK2 at least ) get hung.. no matter
what i've tried..

> I'm pretty close to the first solution (disabling all communication
> until the first worker call succeeds, in the preset timeout), and I'll
> post it for review when I thoroughly test it.

Commit then review.. :) 

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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