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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>
Subject [JKANT] Resources & Evolution to cpptasks
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2002 21:38:54 GMT
Hola Costin:

How it goes?

I'm just now trying to get resources linked in by ant, and i'm facing
the some question regarding the linking and compiling of win32
resources, to explain the situation just now:

In CVS we have a *.mc file, this file is compiled by mc.exe and produces
*.rc *.bin *.h, they are generated sources ( including the *.bin one ),
this generated sources serve 2 porpouses to be able to compile the
related *.c files ( the h one ) and later by using the rc.exe compiler,
to produce a *.res file that must be linked in by the link.exe..

Well just now the build.xml file only considers the first pass from mc
-> (h,rc,bin) and i need some advice in what to do to produce the res

I towards augment the msvc compiler adapter to deal with rc files in the
same way it deals now with c ones.. later the linker will need to treat
res and obj files the same.

Another approach? Comments Please

About the SourceForge ant cpptask, after a brief study of their docs, it
seems to me that they have libtool support at least there is a libtool
attribute somewhere :), but not found any reference to res or rc files
there :(.. so I will stick at modiying jkant to suit my needs..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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