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From Terry Alexis Lurie <>
Subject Erroneous Chained JSP Ordering with getRequestDispatcher
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:47:54 GMT
The Jasper Engine is messing around with JSP ordering.

If in a servlet called FROM a JSP via a taglib, the servlet then
passes the control to anothr JSP, the latter JSP is output first. Note
that output from the servlet IS correctly placed.

Initial JSP:
<%@ taglib uri="Common" prefix="common" %>
<html><body><common:FormDay /></body></html>

Say, in the Common servlet there is:

request.getRequestDispatcher("/secondary.jsp").include(request, response);

and secondary.jsp is:


Then the output will be:


See how the secondary.jsp has been popped off the JSP stack first, yet
the servlet code is correctly positioned?

I trawled the archives, and there was a similar report back in 2001.


Subject:  Order of execution - JSP/RequestDispatcher include problem
Date:  Wed, 5 Dec 2001 14:20:02 -0600

No answer though. Plenty of others have expressed similar problems, but 
they have differing problem domains, so express their questions 
differently. They boil down to the same JSP ordering issue though.

Any thoughts?

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