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From Dan>
Subject Re: http 302 issue on tomcat 4.0.1
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 07:39:26 GMT
Here's the new and improved pseudocode.  Anyone see any special cases 
that I've missed?

if matchingWelcomeFile.contains("/"):
  # psycopathic case no one cares about ( ie. welcome file is a/b.jsp )
  redirect, old style //we show the filename here, but if we didn't we'd 
break relative paths
  if path.endsWith("/"):
    # happy, smiley family case
    redispatch, using welcome-file full path (ie. /foo/index.jsp ) for 
security checking
    if adding slash causes a servlet mapping match:
      # we handle the stupid case of having two servlet mappings
      # ( /foo and /foo/ ) in web.xml.
      redirect, old style //we show the filename here, but if we didn't 
we'd call the wrong servlet
      redirect, adding "/" ( ie. redirect /foo to /foo/ )


Remy Maucherat wrote:

>>Yes, this is true.  Also, a request to /foo which becomes /foo/index.jsp
>>would also screw up relative links.
>>I believe the following behavior would do what people want 99% of the
>>time while still not screwing up the scenario you mentioned or the one I
>>mentioned above (forgive the pythonic pseudocode):
>>if matchingWelcomeFile.equals("a/b.jsp"): //if the welcome file has a
>>slash in it
>>  redirect( pathRequest + [forwardSlash if needed] + "a/" )
>>  if pathRequested.endWith('/'):
>>      redispatch // see below for meaning
>>  else:
>>      pathRequest += '/'
>>      redirect( pathRequest )
>>This only does redirects when necessary to preserve relative link
>>meanings, and does not make so the redirected URL contains the
>>welcome-file filename in any circumstance.  This is what people prob.
>>want, since if people bookmark "/shoppingCart", they'll still have the
>>right URL even if people switch from .jsp to .xtp or whatever....
>> Incidentally, this is the behavior that Resin has--I checked.
>>I believe that this code shouldn't be in  It should
>>be in the code that maps the request to a servlet.   I think this is
>>clear from the spec ( SRV.9.10 ):  If no matching welcome file is found
>>in the manner described, the container may handle the request in a
>>manner it finds suitable. For some configurations this may mean invoking
>>a default file servlet, or returning a directory listing. For other
>>configurations it may return a 404 response.
>>So by redispatch, I mean 'pretend that the changed path is what was
>>originally requested'.  This should be easy to do in the wrapper mapping
>>Since I won't be forwarding ( since I won't be handling this in
>>DefaultServlet ) your security constraint problems should be allayed.
>>And I think I can fix the 'mapping welcome files onto servlet' problem
>>while I'm at it.
>We can try it, but it will still cause problems with nested welcome files
>and relative paths.
>If you can implement it well, that would be cool.
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