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From Bob Herrmann <>
Subject Re: SessionTimeout Problem
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:39:42 GMT

This is an update to my earlier email.

Problem:  setting session timeouts in 4.1.x's server.xml is pointless.

Why: setting the Manager's attribute "maxInactiveInterval" or
Contexts's attribute "sessionTimeout" is pointless because they get
overwritten by the session timeout in the web.xml or if a web.xml is
not present or the timeout is not defined, the 30 minute default value
is taken from the config/web.xml defaults file.

Solution:  Not sure...  perhaps one of these...

1.  Remove the attributes from Manager and Context.  And update
the doc.

2.  Remove the default value of 30 from the config/web.xml and
update the doc for Manager to mention it can be overridden by
the web.xml



> Problem: setting the "maxInactiveInterval" on the Manager tag
> doesn't work.  
> Why, well the problem is that two objects think they own the same
> information.  Namely, the Context and the session Manager both claim to
> own the SessionTimeout.
> Each object has these properties.
> Manager.maxInactiveInterval is the session timeout in "seconds"
> Context.sessionTimeout is timeout in "minutes"
> The digester creates a Manager (and may correctly set it's
> maxInactiveInterval) and then binds it to a Container (Context.)  The
> Context overwrites the Manager's maxInactiveInterval with it's own
> sessionTimeout.  
> Once bound to a container, the Manager watches the sessionTimeout
> property changes and adjusts its own maxInactiveInterval value to
> track it (Useful when the web.xml is processed and the digester updates
> the Context's sessionTimeout)
> Not sure how to correctly proceed.  The Manager isn't bound to 
> a container when it's maxInactiveInterval is set by the digester,
> so it cant tell the Context to use its value. 
> Any ideas?
> Cheers
> -bob
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