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From Albert Chin <>
Subject How was the precompiled binary built for Solaris 8
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:11:18 GMT
How was the precompiled binary of mod_webapp available from

I'm trying to build it with the Sun C compiler (Forte 6.2) as follows
(Apache 1.3.24):
  ./configure CFLAGS="-mr -Qn -xstrconst -xO2 -xtarget=generic -xarch=v8" \
  CC=cc JAVA_HOME=/opt/java1.4 --with-apxs=[blah] --with-perl=[blah] \
  --disable-docs --disable-apidoc-java --disable-apidoc-c \
  --with-java=[tomcat dir] --with-ant=[path to ant]

I followed the instructions at:
to fetch webapp and apr but get an error when trying to connect:

  $ telnet localhost 80
  Connected to localhost.
  Escape character is '^]'.
  GET /examples/ HTTP/1.0

  Connection closed by foreign host.

Using the precompiled binary above works fine!

I attached to the httpd pid as no core was generated:
  $ gdb pid [blah]
  gdb> bt
  #0  0xfebc75b0 in apr_vformatter (flush_func=0xfebd348c <psprintf_flush>, 
      vbuff=0xffbef430, fmt=0xfebdac53 "d %s", ap=0xffbef520)
      at apr_snprintf.c:1189
  #1  0xfebd37e0 in apr_pvsprintf (pool=0xbe430, fmt=0xfebdac50 "%03d %s", 
      ap=0xffbef51c) at apr_pools.c:992
  #2  0xfebd3a7c in apr_psprintf (p=0xbe430, fmt=0xfebdac50 "%03d %s")
      at apr_pools.c:1730
  #3  0xfebbd430 in wam_handler_setstatus (r=0xbe458, status=200, 
      message=0xd0460 "OK") at mod_webapp.c:299

This is against webapp/apr as of 06/19 01:00PM CDT.

albert chin (

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