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From Carl Trusiak <>
Subject ClassLoader Bug?
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:09:05 GMT
I was trying to get Axis running on Tomcat 4.0.3,
4.0.4b3 and 4.1.3b and had the same problem with all
of them.  I finally got it to run but, had to spread
the Jars and class files around to do it.(Note, I was
able to get 4.0.4 beta3 Windows install to work but,
as I deploy on Linux, this isn't an option)

Details I used to get it to work.

1)	Move the jaxrpc.jar to a higher level in the
classloaders such as common/lib or shared/lib.  This
is to get around the ClassNotFoundException on class
2)	Extract all the files from tt-bytecode.jar and
rebuild the jar.  This is to get around a
SecurityException package com.techtrader (Funny, Iím
not even running a SecurityManager)
3)	Extract the classes from jaxrpc.jar and put the
classes under WEB-INF/classes. This is to get around
the NoSuchMethodError (Yes, Error not Exception) on
the call in
org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd.WSDDDeployment to
tm.setSupportedEncodings(new String[]
{encodingStyle}); tm is of type interface
org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMapping which extends
javax.xml.rpc.encoding.TypeMapping.  The requirement
for the method setSupportedEncodings is in javax
version and Tomcat doesnít see it for some reason. 
Note, extracting these still requires the jaxrpc.jar
to be in a higher classloader, if you remove it the
Exception described in 1 reoccurs.

After I did this, it successfully ran on Tomcat 4.0.3
on Linux, 4.0.3 on Win2K, 4.0.4b3 on Win2k and 4.1.3b
on Win2k

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