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From Jean-Francois Nadeau <>
Subject mod_jk 4.03 deadlock
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 20:57:09 GMT

I started to load / stress test our web application. It is running under
Apache 1.3.22 and Tomcat 4.03 and the mod_jk binary that came with it.
The OS is Linux 2.4.7, RedHat 7.2 without any updates.

I discovered that httpd processes deadlock after a certain amount of
huge requests.

I decided to investigate the issue by looking at the source code. The
jk_handler function does not terminate. In fact, the call to
end->done($end, l) (just before the jk_close_pool) deadlock (not always
however). That function calls pthread mutex lock/unlock for connection

I tried to comment all connection reuse code. (in jk_ajp_done,
jk_ajp_service, jk_ajp_getendpoint). The deadlock is not gone, but it
appears later.

Have you ever encountered this problem before? I'd like to fix it. May
it be a kernel bug, glibc bug? (The problem seems to come from pthread

Thanks a lot,


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