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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Proposal draft for Tomcat 5.0
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 06:07:49 GMT
> I thought the ASF was about creating a community (meritocracy) where
> proposals, ideas, directions, and code can be discussed openly and the
> validity of them could be challenged.  So that only the best ideas rise
> to the top.  When did this get redefined to mean selfish?
> I see the proposal for a major new revision of Tomcat as a watershed
> It should be a time for the tomcat community to do some introspection of
> where Tomcat currently is and what direction it should go in the future.
> The process of discussing this might be messy but hopefully in the end
> what will be left is a well thought out proposal that most everyone can
> agree with.

Well, so far I see a lot more flame-throwing than introspection. :-)

Perhaps Remy should have labeled it an RFC (which is more what it is at this
stage), then a Proposal.  However, that is supposed to be implied by the
"draft" in the subject line.  He included what is important to him (e.g.
this is an evolution of 4.1.x/Jasper2, and should include tighter
integration with the connectors layer).  I certainly never read it as
excluding any other goal that others in the community might have.  Instead,
I saw it as his way of getting the ball rolling to do exactly what you want.

So far, the only concrete suggestion is Christopher's benchmark suite.   I
personally think that it's a better fit with, say, Cactus (and if the
proposal included bundling Cactus with Tomcat, I'm guessing that he'd have
the Cactus group falling all over themselves to help out :).  However, at
least he's made a start at something concrete.

> Regards,
> Glenn
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