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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Proposal draft for Tomcat 5.0 : #3 Straw Man
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2002 06:12:30 GMT
Firstly, let me add my +1 to the proposal. tomcat-dev could use more
warm-and-fuzzies. ;-)

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From: "Glenn Nielsen" <>
To: "Tomcat Developers List" <>
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: Proposal draft for Tomcat 5.0 : #3 Straw Man

> I have been following the discussion regarding the Tomcat 5 proposal.
> I have some general comments.
> Improve Performance Goal:
> I agree with Chritopher that in order to make improved performance
> a goal you need to have metrics by which you can measure whether you
> have met that goal, not anecdotal evidence.  Catalina consists of
> a number of different components; mod_jk, http, JSP, SSI, CGI, etc.
> Some of these components can have different performance characteristics
> based on how they are being used.  For example a simple HelloWorld.jsp
> versus Complex500Tags.jsp.  This begs for a performance testing suite
> which can provide consistent reproducable results.  If there is enough
> interest in this perhaps a separate repository could be created called
> jakarta-tomcat-bench.  The benchmarks could be used to measure performance
> of different tomcat versions and other containers as well.

I'd probably use it if somebody else did the work, but I agree with Remy
that any single benchmark suite isn't going to tell you how your particular
web-app will perform.

> Proposal in General:
> The proposal is pretty vague on details.  I have seen a number of
> replies stating "That's an implementation detail".  I for one would
> like to see the proposal broken out into much more detail before
> work starts.  Perhaps we should take a step back and start asking
> questions first so that there is more information and consensus for
> a formal proposal.  Questions like:
>    1. What code in Tomcat really smells bad?

This is an evolution.  Anything that smells bad can be fixed in 4.1.x (and
will be picked up by 5.0.x).  If you want a revolution, that is another

>    2. Based on the previews of the Servlet 2.4 and JSP 1.3 specs,
>       what major changes are expected.

It's actually JSP 2.0, and AFAIK the only people that know at this point are
under a NDA.

>    3. Are there any major new features needed?

There's that NDA again :-)

> My fear is that work on Tomcat 5 will turn into a CVS version of
> the wild wild west if the proposal isn't detailed enough.

Again, this is an evolution.  Currently in 4.1.x the only supported
connectors (with the exception of Warp, which Remy wants to bring in) use
Coyote.  The proposal is little more than to expose a little bit more of
Coyote to the servlet-container to allow for some additional optimizations.
In addition, it removes the (currently deprecated) o.a.c.connectors.**, and
o.a.ajp.**.  Think of it as spring cleaning.

> Regards,
> Glenn
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