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Subject Jk2: M1 ?
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 22:41:36 GMT

The basic tests seems to be passing on 4 platforms with different 
configurations, I did some load tests and it seems to be reasonably 
stable. There are certainly many small problems that need to be found,
but overall I things it looks ok.

I would like to tag a first milestone and start using bugzilla to
track mod_jk2, and start running watchdogs and serious testing. 

While some new components may still be added ( like jk_config_registry
or jk_channel_windows, etc ), the base features should be stable.
Of course, nothing is perfect, but things are good enough for jk2.0.

What do you think ? Nacho ? 

( so far I tested on linux, solaris, hpux and windows, with 3.3 and 
4.0 and 4.1 - there are few tricks to get the native code to work )

On a related note, we have now code to do chuid on unix - so it
would be trivial to add an option to change the user id before 
the server starts processing user-code. Also it is reasonably easy
to get the signals to work - not sure this is that usefull, so
I'll not spend time on it.


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