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Subject Re: Vicious Abuse?
Date Sat, 25 May 2002 15:48:05 GMT
On Sat, 25 May 2002, Pier Fumagalli wrote:

> "Jeff Turner" <> wrote:
> > .. and thankful that people like Costin persevere in spite of rather
> > vicious abuse.
> Vicious abuse? All I am proposing is to add greater flexibility to the
> freedom of those who are involved with the Jakarta project.
> All I'm proposing is to accept the idea that we might have coders who don't
> care about new projects or PMCs, they just want their code done, or that we
> might have important resources out there who might want to get involved with
> this project but cannot be tied to one particular code base?
> Is it a vicious abuse to ask Sally to become an ASF member ALTHOUGH she
> doesn┬╣t know how to code in C or Java, or Perl, and doesn't even know what
> CVS is all about?

There is no requirement for someone to know C or Java for becomming a 
commiter. All you need is make contributions to the project. I've seen
no language requirement ( Java or English )

We have plenty of people who don't care about politics - they just don't 
vote or are smart enough to not participate in the flame-wars. 

> Is it a vicious abuse to ask to free this community from a concept like
> "meritocracy as the number of lines of code you put into CVS"?
> I don't think so, because if this community believes that "freedom" is a
> vicious abuse, this community is racist, racist towards those who can't or
> don't want to have to deal with CVS, no more and no less as one could be
> racist on the color of your skin, or the ideas that populate your mind...

Having hierarchies of 'people can only code' and 'people who lead' is
not freedom. Creating a group that is 'more equal than the others' and
taking away the right to vote to those we believe don't care is not


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